Ground anchors and steel bases

We have suitable parasol fixings for any situation, whether it concerns a public terrace in a town or city centre, a location at the beach, or a private garden. If you prefer a mobile parasol, then a steel base is a solution.

If you are not planning to relocate the parasol, then a ground anchor is recommendable. This takes up less space, so you can place more furniture underneath the parasol.
For larger parasols we recommend a ground anchor. If you have a problem with the weight, the mobile parasol base is an adequate solution.

BBKE armature for electrical connection Caravita

BBKE armature for power in the ground Caravita

Caravita BBK armature Big Ben Kort

Caravita Europe K ground anchor

Caravita Europe K ground anchor

Ground anchor

Base plate Steel base 54x117

Base plate Poggesi

Steel base Dublin Caravita

Milano base round Caravita

Steel base 87x87 and 100x100

Steel base for mast 55mm Filius Gastro raise

Steel base Poggesi double layer

Steel base Shine May

Telephone USB

Mobile parasol base

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