The Prostor is a freely suspended parasol suitable for institutions, businesses and private customers. It is available in different measurements and models, the P6 multisystem, P7 single model and the P4 wall parasol.

The Prostor parasol comes in a wide range of colours from the standard assortment.

  • Fabrics are waterproof and colourfast.
  • Cloths do not include frill.
  • Measurements from 250 cm to 350 cm.
  • Multisystem can be expanded to 4 parasols
  • Parasols close towards the mast.
  • Optionally integrated lighting and heating.
  • Remotely controlled system is possible.

All models can be placed into ground anchors or steel bases. The parasols are available with separate LED lighting with remote control. Cloths can be interconnected by rain gutters with zip connection.
Printing of the parasols is possible.

Different types

Prostor P6 Multisystem

The Prostor P6 multisystem has a One move opening system and can be extended from 1 cloth to a maximum of 4 cloths. Measurements 250 x 250 or 300 x 300. Round model 1 or 2 cloths in size 350. Measurements for 4 cloths of 300 x 300 cm are 615 x 615 cm.

Prostor P7

The Prostor P7 single model is available in 250 x 250, 300 x 300 or 350 round.

Prostor P4

The Prostor P4 wall parasol 270 cm octagonal can be applied anywhere, The P4 can be tilted and pivoted. This parasol is also suitable for balconies.

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