*All measurements are displayed in centimeters

Deviating measurements
If your measurement is not listed, we can produce deviating measurements in consultation with our manufacturers.

All our suspended/cantilever parasols are manufactured and supplied by Poggesi.

Features and options

  • The acrylic fabrics are waterproof and colourfast. There is a choice of 26 different colours
  • There is a choice of 10 mast and rib colours
  • Frames are made of aluminium
  • Opening and closing by means of a winding mechanism
  • Choice of 8 frill models.
  • Choice from different models of windcatchers
  • The cantilever parasols are height-adjustable
  • The cantilever parasol can be tilted to 2 sides (depending on the mast position), to block the low sun.
  • Depending on the type the mast can be positioned in the corner, along the long or short side.
  • All cantilever models can rotate 360 degrees
  • All cantilever models close towards the mast
  • Charger for telephone/pc on the mast is optional
  • Can be placed into a ground anchor or steel base
  • Printing on frills and top segments is possible
  • Rain gutters will be made to measure
  • Side panels will be made to measure
  • Protective sleeve is included free of charge

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